Graphic Designer / Animator / Illustrator / Gamer

I’m Nir Green, a handyman in all graphic design related fields with an enormous affection for video games, animation, music and art. I have been drawn to this field by nature – and can hardly ever be seen without a piece of paper filled with sketches and doodles. I enjoy giving ideas an actual presence, learning new technics and technologies, figuring what else can be created from things.

Current status: Employed

If you need my help with anything or just want to say ‘hi’, get in touch.


A Taste of My Work

Banner Ads

Flash gave me a very fun enviourment to create tiny interactive games within the confined 40kb limitation for ads.
A great, yet very rewarding, challenge

Flash files work best on desktop, but might be blocked by AdBlocker.

Eww.. Clean his teeth

Try waking up this hard sleeper

A 'great' magic trick!


Cause all Americans are superheroes

Feeling the nostalgia?

Web Design

Few examples of website, splash and landing page designs.
Including HTML5 interstitials

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Video & Animation

I've done A LOT of video work. From simple cuts and basic compositions (made with low quality client materials) to full explanatory animations from scratch.
This is FUN!

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Some photoshop drawings using my trusty Wacom tablet.

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Designing video games is a lot of fun (and hard work!).
These are just 3 examples of projects I took on myself to create.
From coming up with an idea to design and code.

Flash files work best on desktop and might be blocked by AdBlocker.
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